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How To Make Melodic Hard Techno in Ableton Live


Hard Tech Kick

OK, this time I will show how to make melodic hard techno in ableton. (A link to the free template from this lesson will be at the end of the article) This is one of the possible ways to do this. For starters, we need a good, juicy hard tekno kick. I took a kick drum from the sample library – HardTechno Anthems Loop Set. Hardtechno BPM usually ranges from 130 to 145 BPM, in this project 139 BPM.

kick drum midi
hardtechno kick

OK, that kick sounds great. Now you need the right tek bass.

Hard Tech Bassline

Of course, the bass line in techno or hardtechno can be very different from track to track. In this project, I used a melodic bassline, not too aggressive, but quite dynamic. The midi file of this techno bass I took from the collection of techno midi files: 101 Bass & Lead Techno Loops Vol.2 MIDI + WAV For bass, I used the Serum synthesizer.

hardtechno bassline
techno bassline midi
hard techno bass

To make the kick more audible in the mix, I used the Wavesfactory TrackSpacer plugin for the bass line sidechain.
Other than that, I also added some distortion to the bass using the Amp ableton plugin.

OK. Now we can listen to how the kick and bass sound together.

techno kick + bass

Well… In my opinion, the kick and bassline sound good and we can move on. The next step will be tech percussion.

Tech Percussion

Someone likes to create every element of the track from scratch, someone uses ready-made loops. I believe that the end result is more important than prejudice and combine the creation of tech sounds from scratch, with ready-made samples and loops from production libraries.
In this project I used a percussion loop from a sample pack – HardTechno Anthems Loop Set

techno percussion
techno percussion
techno perc loop

In a mix with kick and bass, percussion sounds like this:

kick + bass + percussion

Next I added an open hat here

kick + bass + percussion + open hat

Fine. In the next step I will add a leading synthesizer part.

Melodic Techno Sequence

I used a simple sequence, you can see the midi part in the screenshot. Arpeggiator, beat repeat, delay were used on the track.

techno sequence
techno melody midi

On this track, I used the Ableton Instrument Rack as a synthesizer. A bit of overdrive, autopan and autofilter with LFO on cutoff.

techno synth

Now we can listen to all the sounds in the mix. I also added a closed hat.

Arrangement option / Final Mix

And a variant of how it might sound in the final =) Only the A.O.M Invisible limiter VST is used on the master section.

final mix

Thanks for reading this article!
I hope you find something useful in this article. If you liked it, please repost.
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