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Hey guys, today I’m going to walk you through how to make a modern Hard Techno track in Ableton. It will be something like the tracks that are currently being released by Suara, Soma Records and others. This project uses third party VSTs: Reveal Sound Spire, A.O.M. Invisible Limiter, TrackSpacer by Wavesfactory, Softube TSAR-1R, Xfer Records Serum. The temp of this project is 135 bpm.
The project is available for purchase at the link at the bottom of the article.

hard techno ableton

Hard Techno Kick

OK, first we need a hard techno kick. I used a hard techno kick sample from the HardTechno Anthems Loop Set (Link). During the mixing process, I slightly adjusted this sample using an equalizer. As a result, kick sounds like this. Kick drum sounds quite harsh and there is an interesting groove in the loop. Not a bad start for a hard techno track.

Hypnotic Techno Percussion

The next step was to add a hypnotic techno percussion loop to create a hard tech groove. In the screenshot below you can see what effects are used on this track. I used some random sample from my sample libraries, looped it this way

hypnotic techno percussion

The first on the track is the EQ Eight equalizer to cut the low and high frequencies. On this track I used the TrackSpacer VST plugin to sidechain the percussion loop from the drum kick. This allows the kick to sound more clear and open. Now we can listen to how kick and percussion sound together

OK, that sounds good and now I’ll add some more percussion. I took a conga sample, you can hear the pitch change from beat to beat, this creates more movement in the track. I put an overdrive next to make the conga sound more aggressive. Then there is an equalizer for small frequency correction, Auto Pan for creating movement in a panorama, Gate for trimming unnecessary tails and a TSAR-1R reverb from Softube.

Techno Percussion Kit

And now we have a full-fledged hard techno drum pattern.

Hard Tech Bassline

To create a hard techno bassline, I used a Spire VST synthesizer and used the multi-layer technique by adding 2 bass samples in order to make the sound more punchy and not masked by the existing sounds. Next I put a saturator from the Ableton plugin suite to make the bass sound more punchy. Next is an equalizer for cutting low and high frequencies, as well as raising the mid frequencies + LFO. After that, I used the Gate to trim off the extra tails, the TSAR-1R reverb and TrackSpacer for the sidechain.

hard techno bassline

Techno Vox

Here I used a ready-made vox loop from the sample set. On the track I put an auto filter from the set of standard Ableton plugins. The filter cuts the low and high frequencies and the LFO is assigned to Filter Freq.

Techno Vox

Techno Pad

I only used the pad in breakdown. To do this, I took the Serum VST synthesizer, added a little saturation, then there is an excellent free plugin from Valhalla – Super Massive. Equalizer for cutting low frequencies and boosting mid frequencies with an LFO for the Freq knob.

Pad Bus

Now we can listen to the finished track. This is a pre-mastered version.

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