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Schranz Kick Samples – One Shots and Loops


Schranz Kick Samples


Schranz Kick Samples – One Shots and Loops (Sample Pack WAV)

The most up-to-date set of Schranz Kick Samples. This schranz sample pack contains 50 schranz kick one shots and 50 schranz drum loops adapted to a tempo of 160 bpm. Distorted kicks are perfect for creating tracks in the style of schranz techno, hardcore techno, extreme techno and others. There are drum kicks with the sound of schranz artists like Sven Wittekind, DJ Rush, Felix Krocher, Robert Natus and others. If you’re looking for the hardest electronic sounds for progressive schranz techno music, now you’ve got it. This product is 100% Royalty Free.

Review from Joanna: Awesome set of Schranz Kick Samples. The kicks have a powerful, deep sound, schranz groove and my favorite 160 bpm =) I used this sample pack to create schranz live sets. It was an amazing experience! Kicks are easy to use in any DAW, I used Ableton Live to create a live set with these kicks and I use Fruity Loops to create schranz tracks. When creating your tracks, schranz kicks is equally easy to use in any software, and samples can also be loaded into any of your hardware that supports loading WAV samples.
Awesome release! I recommend.

Product Specs:
Schranz Kick Sample pack contains:
• Album Cover + Audio Demo

• Genre: Schranz, Hardcore Techno, Extreme Techno
• BPM: 160 BPM
• Loops, WAV format
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Size: 191 Mb

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